CPC Conduit



Specially formulated co-polyester Conduit which is low halogen, lox toxicity with excellent high and low temperature properties. CPC conduit has outstanding resistance to greases, hydrocarbons and other fuel oils.

Material: Flame retardant Co-polyester (PE)


Parts Numbers for this product:


Part No Description Size NW  Unit
CPC08/50M 50m Coil, Black CPC08 NW7.5 EA
CPC12/50M 50m Coil, Black CPC12 NW10 EA
CPC16/50M 50m Coil, Black CPC16 NW12 EA
CPC20/50M 50m Coil, Black CPC20 NW20 EA
CPC25/50M 50m Coil, Black CPC25 NW22 EA
CPC28/50M 50m Coil, Black CPC28 NW23 EA
CPC32/50M 50m Coil, Black CPC32 NW29 EA
CPC40/25M 50m Coil, Black CPC40 NW36 EA
CPC50/25M 50m Coil, Black CPC50 NW48 EA