HNC Conduit



HNC Conduit by Harnessflex is specially formulated to meet environmental and mechanical requirements for the exterior of working vehicles. Provides excellent protection against mechanical shock and can withstand extremes of temperature combined with repeated movement.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 11

Parts Numbers for this product:

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
HNC08/100m  PA11 Conduit, Black, 100m HNC08 NW7.5 EA
HNC12/100m PA11 Conduit, Black, 100m HNC12 NW10 EA
HNC16/100m PA11 Conduit, Black, 100m HNC16 NW12 EA
HNC20/50m PA11 Conduit, Black, 50m HNC20 NW17 EA
HNC25/50m PA11 Conduit, Black, 50m HNC25 NW22 EA
HNC28/50m PA11 Conduit, Black, 50m HNC28 NW23 EA
HNC32/50m PA11 Conduit, Black, 50m HNC32 NW29 EA
HNC40/25m PA11 Conduit, Black, 25m HNC40 NW36 EA
HNC50/25m PA11 Conduit, Black, 25m HNC50 NW48 EA