NC Conduit



Flexible, standard weight conduit for automotive applications and wiring harness fabrication. Available in solid, slit/split conduit and hybrid RAL orange for electric/hybrid vehicles.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 6

IP Ratings: IP40, IP67


Parts Numbers for this product:

Solid NC Conduit

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
NC06/100M 100m Coil, Black NC06 NW4.5 EA
NC08/100M 100m Coil, Black NC08 NW7.5 EA
NC10/100M 100m Coil, Black NC10 NW8.5 EA
NC12/100M 100m Coil, Black NC12 NW10 EA
NC16/50M 50m Coil, Black NC16 NW13 EA
NC18/50M 50m Coil, Black NC18 NW14 EA
NC20/50M 50m Coil, Black NC20 NW17 EA
NC25/50M 50m Coil, Black NC25 NW22 EA
NC28/50M 50m Coil, Black NC28 NW23 EA
NC32/50M 50m Coil, Black NC32 NW29 EA
NC40/25M 25m Coil, Black NC40 NW36 EA
NC50/25M 25m Coil, Black NC50 NW48 EA

Slit/Split NC Conduit

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
NC06-S/100M 100m Coil, Black NC06 NW4.5 EA
NC08-S/100M 100m Coil, Black NC08 NW7.5 EA
NC10-S/100M 100m Coil, Black NC10 NW8.5 EA
NC12-S/100M 100m Coil, Black NC12 NW10 EA
NC16-S/50M 50m Coil, Black NC16 NW13 EA
NC20-S/50M 50m Coil, Black NC20 NW17 EA
NC25-S/50M 50m Coil, Black NC25 NW22 EA
NC28-S/50M 50m Coil, Black NC28 NW23 EA
NC32-S/50M 50m Coil, Black NC32 NW29 EA

Hybrid RAL Orange Conduit

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
NC08/OR/100M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 100m NC08 NW7.5 EA
NC12/OR/100M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 100m NC12 NW10 EA
NC16/OR/100M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 100m NC16 NW13 EA
NC20/OR/100M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 100m NC20 NW17 EA
NC25/OR/100M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 100m NC25 NW22 EA
NC28/OR/100M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 100m NC28 NW23 EA
NC32/OR/100M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 100m NC32 NW29 EA
NC40/OR/50M Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 50m NC40 NW36 EA
NC50/OR/50m Standard Weight Conduit, Orange, 50m NC50 NW48 EA