Bosch 90



A range of 90º hinged elbow and straight fittings, offering a compact and high integrity connection between Bosch Compact connectors and Harnessflex conduit systems. The Harnessflex 90º Interfaces allow the conduit to swivel around the connector housing.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 66

IP Ratings: IP40


Bosch Straight


Parts Numbers for this product:

Bosch Compact – 90 Degree Elbow

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
CI08-90-BC2 Links 2 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-90-BC3 Links 3 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-90-BC4 Links 4 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-BC2 Links 2 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-BC3 Links 3 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-BC4 Links 4 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA

Bosch Compact – Straight

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
CI08-BC2 Links 2 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-BC3 Links 3 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-BC4 Links 4 way conector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-BC2 Links 2 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-BC3 Links 3 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-BC4 Links 4 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI28-BC40 Links 40 way connector to NC28 (NW 23) conduit N/A N/A EA