Deutsch DRC50


DT Straight



We offer 4 Connectors from the Deutsch range. The Deutsch DRC50 has two identical half shells snap together onto the twin outlets of the Deutsch DRC50 connector giving a 3-way conduit fitting.

The DT Series – Straight offers a range of straight fittings offering a compact and high integrity connection between Deutsch automotive connectors and Harnessflex conduit systems.

The DT Series – 90 Degree Elbow is a range of 90º elbow fittings offering a compact and high integrity connection between Deutsch automotive connectors and Harnessflex conduit systems.

Finally, the Deutsch DTP04 is a single compact 90º elbow fitting providing a dual orientation high integrity connection between the Deutsch Power 4 way connector and Harnessflex conduit systems.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 66

IP Ratings: IP40

DT 90 Elbow




Parts Numbers for this product:

Deutsch DRC50

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
CI121212-DRC50 3 Way Interface, NC 12-12-12 (NW 10-10-10) N/A N/A EA
CI122812-DRC50 3 Way Interface, NC 12-28-12 (NW 10-23-10) N/A N/A EA
CI201220-DRC50 3 Way Interface, NC 20-12-20 (NW 17-10-17) N/A N/A EA
CI202820-DRC50 3 Way Interface, NC 20-28-20 (NW 17-23-17) N/A N/A EA
CI251225-DRC50 3 Way Interface, NC 25-12-25 (NW 22-10-22) N/A N/A EA
CI252825-DRC50 3 Way Interface, NC 25-28-25 (NW 22-23-22) N/A N/A EA

DT Series – Straight

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
CI08-DT2 Links 2 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-DT3 Links 3 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-DT4 Links 4 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-DT6 Links 6 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-DT2 Links 2 way connector to NC12 (NW10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-DT3 Links 3 way connector to NC12 (NW10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-DT4 Links 4 way connector to NC12 (NW10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-DT6 Links 6 way connector to NC12 (NW10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-DT8 Links 8 way connector to NC12 (NW10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI16-DT12 Links 12 way connector to NC16 (NW 13) conduit N/A N/A EA

DT Series – 90 Degree Elbow

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
CI08-90-DT2 Links 2 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-90-DT3 Links 3 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-90-DT4 Links 4 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI08-90-DT6 Links 6 way connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-DT12 Links 12 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-DT2 Links 2 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-DT3 Links 3 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-DT4 Links 4 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-DT6 Links 6 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-DT8 Links 8 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI16-90-DT12 Links 12 way connector to NC16 (NW 13) conduit N/A N/A EA
CI16-90-DT8 Links 8 way connector to NC16 (NW 13) conduit N/A N/A EA

Deutsch DTP04

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
16-90-DTP04 Male Interface to suit NC16 exits on T/Y pieces, Elbows or Manifolds N/A N/A EA
CI12-90-DTP04 Links 4 way connector to NC12 (NW 10) conduit N/A N/A EA