Solenoid 90


Switch Housing



We have 3 parts in our Solenoid Interfaces range. The 90 Degree Elbow is a range of 90º elbow connectable interfaces for circular solenoids, sensors and switches.

The Straight connectable interfaces are for circular solenoids, sensors and switches.

Finally,  the Solenoid Switch Housings are a range of switch housing inserts to suit the straight and 90º Solenoid Interface ranges.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 66 (Interfaces),  Low Conductivity Neoprene (Switch Housings)

IP Ratings: IP40 (Interfaces), IP67 (Switch Housings)



Solenoid Straight


Parts Numbers for this product:

Solenoid Interfaces – 90 Degree Elbow

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
MPB08-90 16S Bayonet elbow connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
SC-M24-90 M24 Elbow connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
SC-M27-90 M27 Elbow connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA

Solenoid Interfaces – Straight

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
MPB08-S 16S Bayonet connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
SC-M24-S M24 Straight connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA
SC-M27-S M27 Straight connector to NC08 (NW 7.5) conduit N/A N/A EA

Solenoid Switch Housings

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
RSG02 2 Pole Grommet Housing (for M27 connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSG02-B 2 Pole Grommet Housing (for 16S Bayonet connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSG03 3 Pole Grommet Housing (for M27 connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSG03-B 3 Pole Grommet Housing (for 16S Bayonet connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSG04 4 Pole Grommet Housing (for M27 connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSG04-B 4 Pole Grommet Housing (for 16S connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSG05 2 Pole Grommet Housing (for M24 connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSG06 2 Pole Grommet Housing (for M24 connector type) N/A N/A EA
RSGP01 4mm Socket Contact (single type) N/A N/A EA
RSGP01-C 4mm Socket Contact (chain type) N/A N/A EA