Hinged Elbows



One-piece elbow fittings providing a variety of conduit size combinations. Designed to snap together over slit and unslit conduits including NC, CTPA, PP and DSPP.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 6,6
IP Ratings: IP40

Parts Numbers for this product:

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
EPS08S08 Hinged 90° Swivel Elbow, Black NC08-08 NW7.5-7.5 EA
EPS12S12 Hinged 90° Swivel Elbow, Black NC12-12 NW10-10 EA
EPS1608 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC16-08 NW13-7.5 EA
EPS1612 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC-16-12 NW13-10 EA
EPS1616 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC16-16 NW13-13 EA
EPS2012 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC-20-12 NW17-10 EA
EPS2016 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC20-16 NW17.13 EA
EPS2020 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC20-20 NW17-17 EA
EPS2520 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC-25-20 NW22-17 EA
EPS2525 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC25-25 NW22-22 EA
EPS2812 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC28-12 NW23-10 EA
EPS2816 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC28-16 NW23-13 EA
EPS2820 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC28-20 NW23-17 EA
EPS2825 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC28-22 NW23-22 EA
EPS2828 Hinged 90° Elbow, Black NC28-28 NW23-23 EA