Hinged Shrouds



One-piece cover fittings providing protection for in-line connectors. fuse links, circuit breakers and splicing areas. Designed to snap together over slit and unslit conduit including NC, CTPA, PP and DSPP.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 6,6

IP Ratings: IP40

Parts Numbers for this product:

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
CPS341212 Straight Protective Shroud 35mm I.D, Black NC12-12 NW10-10 EA
CPS421212 Straight Protective Shroud 43mm I.D, Black NC12-12 NW10-10 EA
CPS421616 Straight Protective Shroud 43mm I.D, Black NC16-16 NW13-13 EA
CPS421620 Straight Protective Shroud 43mm I.D, Black NC16-20 NW13-17 EA
CPS422020 Straight Protective Shroud 43mm I.D, Black NC20-20 NW17-17 EA