Ext Y Pieces



Hinged Nylon Y Manifold giving a variety of breakout and branch options for all Harnessflex corrugated conduit systems.

Material: Polyamide (Nylon) 6,6

IP Ratings: IP40



Parts Numbers for this product:

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
YPS080808 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 08-08-08 NW 7.5-7.5-7.5 EA
YPS080812 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 08-08-12 NW 7.5-7.5-10 EA
YPS081208 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 08-12-08 NW 7.5-10-7.5 EA
YPS101010 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 10-10-10 NW 8.5-8.5-8.5 EA
YPS120808 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 12-08-08 NW 10-7.5-7.5 EA
YPS120810 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 12-08-10 NW 10-7.5-8.5 EA
YPS120812 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 12-08-12 NW 10-7.5-10 EA
YPS121010 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 12-10-10 NW 10-8.5-8.5 EA
YPS121208 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 12-12-08 NW 10-10-7.5 EA
YPS121210 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 12-12-10 NW 10-10-8.5 EA
YPS121212 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 12-12-12 NW 10-10-10 EA
YPS160812 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-08-12 NW 13-7.5-10 EA
YPS161010 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-10-10 NW 13-8.5-8.5 EA
YPS161208 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-12-08 NW 13-10-7.5 EA
YPS161210 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-12-10 NW 13-10-8.5 EA
YPS161212 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-12-12 NW 13-10-10 EA
YPS161608 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-16-08 (NW 13-13-7.5 EA
YPS161610 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-16-10 NW 13-13-8.5 EA
YPS161612 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 16-16-12 NW 13-13-10 EA
YPS200808 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-08-08 NW 17-7.5-7.5 EA
YPS201208 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-12-08 NW 17-10-7.5 EA
YPS201210 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-12-10 NW 17-10-8.5 EA
YPS201212 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-12-12 NW 17-10-10 EA
YPS201608 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-16-08 NW 17-13-7.5 EA
YPS201612 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-16-12 NW 17-13-10 EA
YPS201616 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-16-16 NW 17-13-13 EA
YPS202008 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-20-08 NW 17-17-7.5 EA
YPS202010 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-20-10 NW 17-17-8.5 EA
YPS202012 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-20-12 NW 17-17-10 EA
YPS202016 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 20-20-16 NW 17-17-13 EA
YPS252012 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-20-12 NW 22-17-10 EA
YPS252016 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-20-16 NW 22-17-13 EA
YPS252020 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-20-20 NW 22-17-17 EA
YPS252508 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-25-08 NW 22-22-7.5 EA
YPS252510 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-25-10 NW 22-22-8.5 EA
YPS252512 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-25-12 NW 22-22-10 EA
YPS252516 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-25-16 NW 22-22-13 EA
YPS252520 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-25-20 NW22-22-17 EA
YPS252525 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 25-25-25 NW 22-22-22 EA
YPS282012 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-20-12 NW 23-17-10 EA
YPS282016 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-20-16 NW 23-17-13 EA
YPS282020 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-20-20 NW 23-17-17 EA
YPS282512 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-25-12 NW 23-22-10 EA
YPS282516 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-25-16 NW 23-22-13 EA
YPS282520 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-25-20 NW 23-22-17 EA
YPS282525 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-25-25 NW 23-22-22 EA
YPS282808 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-28-08 NW 23-23-23 EA
YPS282812 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-28-12 NW 23-23-10 EA
YPS282816 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-28-16 NW 23-23-13 EA
YPS282820 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-28-20 NW 23-23-17 EA
YPS282825 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-28-25 NW 23-23-22 EA
YPS282828 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 28-28-28 NW 23-23-23 EA
YPS322516 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 32-25-16 NW 29-22-13 EA
YPS322520 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 32-25-20 NW 29-22-17 EA
YPS322525 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 32-25-25 NW 29-22-22 EA
YPS322532 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 32-25-32 NW 29-22-29 EA
YPS323216 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 32-32-16 NW 29-29-13 EA
YPS323220 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 32-32-20 NW 29-29-17 EA
YPS323225 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC 32-32-25 NW 29-29-22 EA
YPS323232 Hinged Y Piece, Black NC32-32-32 NW 29-29-29 EA