Blanking Plus





Blanking plugs for closing unused outlets on Multi-way reducers and fittings, can also be used to blank backshells to form paint caps.

One-piece, multi-way breakout inserts providing reducing options to a variety of conduit sizes from a single hinged fitting junction.

One-piece, slit grommet inserts providing abrasion protection for cables passing through a hinged fitting junction where conduit is not used.

Material: Nylon 6,6 (Plugs), Polyamide (Nylon) 66 (Multi-way Reducers), TPV (Grommets)

IP Ratings: IP40


Multiway Reducers


Parts Numbers for this product:

Blanking Plugs

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
BPST08 Blanking Plug, Black NC08 NW7.5 EA

Multi-Way Reducers

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
ST20-2X08 To suit NC20 (NW 17) exits; reduces to 2 x NC08 (NW7.5) N/A EA
ST25-12 To suit NC25 (NW 22) exits; reduces to 1 x NC12 (NW10) N/A EA
ST25-1208 To suit NC25 (NW 22) exits; reduces to 1 x NC12 (NW 10) & 1 x NC08 (NW 7.5) N/A EA
STN25-3X08 To suit NC25 (NW 22) exits; reduces to 3 x NC08 (NW 7.5) N/A EA

Smooth End Grommets

Part No Description Size NW Size Unit
SEG12 Smooth End Grommet NC12 NW10 EA
SEG20 Smooth End Grommet NC20 NW17 EA