Quality & Testing


The faultless quality of our products is incredibly important to us at Flexel Ltd and underpins everything we do. All of our work and assemblies are inspected and tested to the very highest standards and in accordance to our ISO:9001 certification. From pull-off testing of individual cables through to bulk test procedures, we are happy to adapt to customer specific quality requirements that in turn may be required further down the supply chain.

Throughout all stages of the assembly process, our procedures ensure continuity, quality, efficiency and on-time delivery. These combine to allow Flexel Ltd to be highly competitive in the wiring harness and wiring loom design, manufacturing and assembly markets.

Adopting lean production processes, using automated testing technology, having highly competent and fully trained staff, being ISO9001 accredited and producing ROHS compliant products, means our customer retention rates are in excess of 90%.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, your specific quality and testing demands and to discuss if we can be of assistance to you.